Dunes Mall redesign - Commercial Design

Location: Beirut, Lebanon 
Status: In progress

Client:  Societe Les Dunes Immobilieres

Renovation and spatial design of Dunes Mall’s -2 floor level, which includes a multipurpose hangout area and chill out zone for teenagers and kids. This zone has to also acomodate different events and pop up shops for brands.

Dunes is one of the oldest and popular shopping malls in Beirut.
Today, Dunes is gradually repositioning itself and changing its strategy from a  retail and food experience (stores, food court, cinema, few restaurants) to a retail experience that focuses more and more on leisure and new learning facilities (fashion & music academy, swimming pool, gym, VR zone, stores, restaurants).
In collaboration with Ghida Bahsoun, we were assigned to redesign the space, with a new approach to lighting, transitions between floors, green areas, furniture, materials, interactive zones and aesthetic acoustic solutions.
A scenographic and experimental perspective was helpful in crafting an enrirely new mood for the space. 

Three biomorphic “clouds” made of costumized acoustic fabric will function as an acoustic solution to the noise. The seatings are made of upholistered square cubes that could be removed, displaced and rearranged, so that the spaces emconpasses playfulness and flexibility. 

Concept: 3 different moods, 3 different visions