Kvetchers Anonymous - Scenography, Experiential

Location: Seoul, South Korea, 2018
Art residency at SeMA NANJI, Seoul Museum of Art
Collaboration with Ghida Bahsoun

Conceptualized, developed and built the audiovisual installation/performance "Kvetchers Anonymous” to set a virtual theatrical meeting using live streaming. On two projections, two performers are live streamed from different locations in Seoul. One performer is in the physical space.
The installation is inspired by the structure of a shrine or a space of cult.

The narrative is about a virtual Anonymous Meeting for three anonymous chronic complainers.
The work is an exploration on live stream as an act of self-expression, and its relation with spatial and digital presence.
- Stage design, construction, lighting, sound, projection, technical and software research, development of a live streaming appartus
- Location scouting, casting of local actors/dancers/performers and rehearsing.
- Developing a storyline and conceptual narrative.